Can you find physical proof that the Loch Ness Monster exists? If you can and convince the Natural History Museum in London you can win the 50,000 Euro Prize

The Cryptid Files Competition

Loch Ness Eye

This competition is open anyone young or old who can prove Nessie exists or even has lived in the past in Loch Ness. If you think you have what it takes to become a cryptozoologist this is your big chance.

Jean Flitcroft, author of the Cryptid Files: Loch Ness, is inviting all her readers to become crypto-zoologists and find proof that Nessie exists. The first reward for the Loch Ness Monster was offered back in 1930s by Bertram Mills. Today Jean Flitcroft, is offering a 50,000 Euro reward to the first person who can convince the Natural History Museum in London that Nessie exists in the next 12 months. So there is no time to lose.

To win the prize budding crypto-zoologists need to deliver physical evidence that convinces the Fish Curator of the Natural History Museum and achieve international fame. In doing so Nessie will truly have earned her scientific name and she can at last change from being a cryptid to becoming an endangered species.

Competition Rules:

1. A winning submission must satisfy the Natural History Museum in London of the existence of a creature new to science that meets the following criteria and is or has been resident in Loch Ness, Scotland.

2. The Natural History Museum cannot undertake to identify photographs, sonar traces, written descriptions or other forms of indirect evidence, although would be interested in seeing them.

3. The Natural History Museum will make every effort to provide a positive identification of tangible, adequate specimens.

4. The Natural history Museum is unsure as to what might constitute a 'monster' though might define as a species hitherto unknown to science or widen the definition to include species previously know as fossils. In the case of Loch Ness the specimen would have to be of a sufficient size to have been reasonably responsible for the many sightings.

5. All entries must be made by 31/5/2016.

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Rines Photo

Searching for Nessie

The Loch Ness Monster is the worlds most famous cryptid, a creature that lies between a myth and a scientifically proven fact. Although no proof of her existence has yet been found, the scientific journal Nature published an article about her in 1975 written by Sir Peter Scott, founder of the World Wildlife Fund and the only son of explorer Scott of the Antarctic, and Dr Robert Rines, an eminent scientist from MIT, with hundreds of patents and the founder of the Applied Academy of Science in the US. This article gave Nessie her scientific name Nessiteras Rhomboteras.

There are over a thousand recorded sightings of a monster in Loch Ness by a huge range of people - politicians, wildlife experts, policemen, even a monk - Father Gregory Brusey´┐Żs (of Fort Augustus Abbey) sighting was confirmed by four other people.

Cryptids & Cryptozoology:

Cryptozoology (pronounced krip-to-zoo-ol-oh-gee) The study of creatures that are believed to exist between the world of science and myth.

Cryptids: The creatures that cryptozoologists study

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